Sun, Sep 27, 2020

Icelandic Psychological Association’s Annual Conference


Start date: 1 Apr 2020
End date: 3 Apr 2020


The address of the keynote speaker, Dr. Krister Fjermerstad, is titled: " Do I exist in this world, or is it just here?" An update on siblings of children with chronic disorders.

Children who are next-of-kin to other children, ie, siblings who have brothers and sisters with chronic disorders, have an increased risk of mental health problems. Yet, no evidence-based interventions exist for siblings. In this key note, the risk factors facing siblings are reviewed, and important intervention principles to address the needs of siblings are presented.


Further information about Kirster Fjermerstad:

Krister W. Fjermestad is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway. He leads several research projects on chronic disorders in children, with a particular focus on family impact. His other research interests include childhood anxiety, rare disorders, and treatment processes. Fjermestad is a specialist in clinical child and adolescent psychology, and has +15 years of clinical experience working across childhood mental health disorders. He is co-author of the SIBS manual, a group intervention for siblings and parents of children with chronic disorders. Fjermestad is head of the child mental health clinic at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo.

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