Sun, Sep 27, 2020

Cyberpsychologie - postponed till Fall 2020

Paris Nanterre

Start date: 27 Mar 2020
End date: 28 Mar 2020

With contributions of

EFPA Board of Ethics (Fredi Lang and Anne Andronikof) 

EFPA Project Group eHealth (Tom Vandaele)

The issues related to cyberpsychology are numerous and important.

 As a field of research, it has not yet acquired in France the extension and visibility it knows in Anglo-Saxon countries, in particular in the United States and Canada. Scientific work concerns all the sub-fields of psychology and often calls for an interdisciplinary approach. However, they reflect an extremely rapid development in the practices of psychologists and organizations of psychologists are definitely lagging behind.

The proposed event has several objectives:

  •  Encourage the meeting between researchers and practitioners, including between researchers who ignore the work carried out in fields related to theirs because of the novelty of the research in progress;
  • Sensitize psychologists, users, institutions to the questions raised by cyberpsychology in a broader way;
  • Deepen a more specific theme: remote care;
  • Invite to the deontological and ethical reflection which must accompany and support the introduction of cyberpsychology.

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