Sun, Sep 27, 2020

Société luxembourgeoise de Psychologie – Summer School


Start date: 18 Jun 2019
End date: 21 Jun 2019


2nd Annual Summer School on Cultural Psychology 

co-organized by Isabelle Albert, Thomas Boll, Elke Murdock and Jaan Valsiner.

The topic of this year’s summer school will be “Cultural psychology and human development in the life course”.

This year edition will look at the processes and concepts of aging through the lens of culture. In particular, it will address the concepts of culture, positive aging, autonomy, and care.

As part of the summer school will be introduced the Dieter Ferring Memorial Lecture and the inaugural lecture will be given by Prof Hans-Werner Wahl on the Topic: Can We All Age Successfully? Behavioral, Care-related, and Cultural Reflections.

The summer school is open to international doctoral students and is free of charge (participants are however expected to cover their travel and accommodation costs)

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