Wed, Jun 19, 2019

World Congress on Mental Health, Psychiatry and Psychology

United States

Start date: 2 Nov 2018
End date: 3 Nov 2018

 Mental health summit 2018 is an event planned for specialists to empower the spread and use of research revelations on mental health and psychological care. The subject main meeting devoted to Psychiatry and Mental illness with the theme “Leading Innovations and Therapeutic Approaches to achieve Mental wellness rather than illness”.

 An objective of Mental Health summit 2018 is to convey an extraordinary program for exchange of ideas and accurate views by the main scientists and the best psychiatrists which covers the whole range of research in mental health and psychological disorders which offer the multifaceted encounters of different treatment techniques. The meeting also, welcomes members from every driving college, clinical research establishments, and indicative organizations to share their exploration encounters on all parts of this quickly extending the field.


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