Sun, May 27, 2018

World Congress of Psychotherapy - IFP Congress 2018


Start date: 7 Jun 2018
End date: 9 Jun 2018

The International Federation for Psychotherapy (IFP) has invited the Dutch Psychotherapy Association (NVP) to organize the 22nd World Congress of Psychotherapy on 7-9 June 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In a rather divided world - reflected in competing theoretical perspectives in psychotherapy – the organiser would like to stress the urge for integration and tolerance. Therefore, they have chosen the theme:Psychotherapy, Stronger Through Diversity

 The NVP has invited scholars and experts from a variety of theoretical perspectives to cooperate in the Scientific Committee to develop a program that will be both scientifically and clinically interesting, sharing their perspectives on theory, development and research on psychotherapy.


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