Wed, Apr 14, 2021

The first edition of the International Conference on Forensic Psychology & Psychological Expertise


Start date: 18 Jul 2015
End date: 19 Jul 2015


The conference is organized by the Institute of Forensic Psychology is an unprecedented and unique event dedicated to practitioners in clinical psychology specialised in psychological expertise, an applicative event gathering presentatons of case studies and special methods and techniques.


Emblematic figuers of the field have been invited, world famous  names in forensic psychology and psychological expertise and specialists in the field of access to justice from The United States of America, Hungary, The Republic of Moldova and Romania. The speakers are : David L. Shapiro, PhD., Lenore Walker, PhD., Maria Herczog, PhD., Svetlana Rusnac, PhD., Tudorel Butoi, PhD., Gheorghe Florian, PhD., Stefan-Iulian Laurentiu, Phd. si Catalin Luca, PhD. Representatives  of the academic and judicial environment will attend the event as special guests.


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