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EFPTA - European Federation of Psychology Teachers' Associatons

Update May 2015

The European Federation of Psychology Teachers’ Associations (EFPTA) was founded on the 28th of March 2004.The overall purpose of the Federation is to support co-operation amongst psychology teachers’ associations in European countries.


Aims of the Federation:

  • To share knowledge and experience of psychology teaching.
  • To Promote psychology teaching at pre-university level.
  • To compare curricula
  • To examine issues of staff training and development
  • To share information on teaching methods and materials
  • To compare examination/assessment procedures
  • To investigate sources of funding for exchanges and joint projects
  • To promote staff exchanges and joint psychology projects


President : Hannele Puolakka 

Vice President : Harpa Hafsteinsdóttir 

Secretary : Morag Williamson 

Website: http://www.efpta.org/

EFPTA at-a-glance Factsheet: http://www.efpta.org/home/index.asp?SID=12#37