Thu, Jan 23, 2020

Activity Agenda 2019-2021

Activity Agenda 2017-2019

The following Activity Agenda for the period 2017-19 has been accepted by the General Assembly of July 15-16, 2017 in Amsterdam. It leaves it to the EC to define specific targets, as was already done for the period 2015-2017, and as needs and opportunities emerge or change – provided that they fit within EFPA’s mission and strategic aims. An updated list of activities and targets is to be presented and approved by the President's Council.

Based on our experience and evaluation of the previous Activity Agenda, which was updated at every President's Council, the EC has proposed to focus for the next period on targets in five areas:


Lobbying for psychology, participating in policy development and implementation, and initiating actions at the European level and developing international network and collaboration. Supporting Member Associations via capacity building, letters of support to in legal or other issues, information on psychology as science, profession and field of education.


Developing the communication of EFPA by promoting a digital strategy for the internal and external communication of the organization , bringing closer all the members and increasing participation.

Development of EFPA

Evaluation of the current structure and developing a proposal for the evolution of the structure of EFPA in order to become more efficient in attaining its objectives


Development of the Europsy, exploring the possibilities about the Common Training Framework (CTF), and build stronger links with academic institutions. Developing specific topics every year to raise public consciousness and bring forth the contribution of psychology 

Professional Matters

Strengthening the profession via EuroPsy, professional ethics, education, continued professional development and publicity